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Wrapping it Up

What We Learned We spent 5 weeks together, with 0 breaks, driving 6,500 miles across 20 different states, and visiting 6 National Parks.  We are not perfect, nor am I am including the number of arguments, but we are a family!  And most importantly, we grew together, and love each other MORE!  It wasn't easy. It wasn't hard. It wasn't always fun, but we lived… Continue reading Wrapping it Up

Airstream · Camping · Cross Country Trips · National Parks · Road Trips

Adventure Tips

We thought it might be helpful to share some tips we are learning along the way, particularly because there is a heavy rain advisory for the next few days and we will be in the car a lot.  Ocean Front Property in OK-lahoma It rained significantly last night and we awoke to a lake outside… Continue reading Adventure Tips


Getting Our Kix on Route 66

  Navajo and Hopi Native Americans Along our journey from the North Rim of the GC to Albuquerque, we passed through several protected reservations, where the level of poverty was heart breaking. The views were gorgeous but it was clear that there were little resources, with many of the houses unfinished yet occupied, churches that… Continue reading Getting Our Kix on Route 66


Zion Mountains and the Grandest of Canyons

After a great visit at Bryce Canyon, we were up early to head towards Zion. We heard traffic was bad, so we left as early as we could, balancing the kids need for sleep. The drive to Zion's entrance was beautiful, and looked like a postcard. The contrast between the bright blue sky and red… Continue reading Zion Mountains and the Grandest of Canyons